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Hello and welcome to Everything Eaten!


Thanks for popping in and please do look around.


The Recipes section is an attempt to create some kind of structure out of the madness that surrounds my obsession with food. Basically to have somewhere to keep track of the many oddball, and sometimes very normal, dishes I make at home. By writing them down after testing I hope I'll be able to make them again in the years to come and share great successes with others.


Diary is a record of the places I go and new things I taste, plus any other stuff I stumble across. If it's a restaurant then you'll find my thoughts along with photos and descriptions. By way of warning - it's a pretty nerdy record of each dish tried, mostly as it's my way of remembering, learning and sometimes creating new things to eat inspired by that visit.


Usually what I have to say comes from my own taste, touch and/or smell. Sometimes it comes from badgering the poor person who drew the short straw that night and had to look after me. I can only hope I wasn't too irritating and at least came across as...enthusiastic. 


Finally, please get in touch! That's what the 'Say hello' link is there for. I would love to hear from you. 

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