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Trattoria Mario, Florence Italy

Trattoria Mario.jpg

Florence for lunch at Trattoria Mario. Its a tiny room with less than 10 tables covered in green checkered laminated cloth. We had excellent trippa fiorentina, tender soft tripe in a meaty tomato sauce with the consistency of silk, spiked with pepper. Bollito misto wasn't bad either, slices of boiled tongue and beef, parsley and olive oil sauce, piquant pickles to add sparkle.

The bill, including a carafe of red wine, salad and water came to just 20 euros.

Trattoria Mario Tripe.png
Trattoria Mario bollito misto.jpg

Signs on the wall separating us from the chefs read as follows:

Qui si mangia insieme a quegl'altri dal 1953

Communal eating since 1953

L'osso della bistecca si ciucca con la mani

Eat your steak-bone by hand

La bistecca si coce come ci pare!!!

The steak is cooked however the hell we want!!!

Noi i'brodo coi dado un si fa!!!

Stock cubes have no place here!!!

Noi i'congelatore un ci s'ha!! Qui non s'adopra la panna!!

We don't have a freezer!! We don't use cream!!

Trattoria Mario

Via Rosina 2r angolo Piazza del Mercato Centrale 50123, Firenze, Italia

Tel: 055 – 218550

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