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Osteria di Passignoano, Florence Italy

The Osteria is in the Antinori family owned Abbey - Badia a Passignano. Opened in 2000 with Marcello Crini at the helm and Matia Barciulli in the kitchen, the restaurant earned its first Michelin star last year. Its ethos is to showcase classic Tuscan cuisine, ideally complemented with Antinori wines.

Dinner was very good. Some dishes did not quite hit the mark, in particular it was a shame that the pasta lacked the delicate, silken quality that one would expect. As well as accolades, the pressure that is often associated with Michelin Guide awards can become an unhealthy influence on restaurants, for guests and staff alike. There is a long, hard road marked out for those wishing to rise through the ranks to achieve the celebrated three star status, but the stigma associated with losing just one star can be detrimental to a future success.

Le Nostre “Frattaglie”

Panino al Lampredotto

Animelle Croccanti

Millefoglie di Lingua e Verza

Our Interpretation of Offal

Lampredotto Sandwich

Crunchy Sweetbreads

Millefeuille of Tongue and Savoy Cabbage

Taglierini al Profumo di Timo, Colatura di Acciughe, Briciole di Pane e Crema di Cavolfiore

Thyme Flavoured Taglierini, Anchovy Essence,

Breadcrumbs and Cauliflower Cream

Agnello di Latte:

Il coscio Stufato con Crema di Sedano Rapa

Il Carré in Crosta di Erbette con Flan di Asparagi

Milk Fed Lamb:

Stewed Gigot with Celeriac Cream

Herb Crusted Rack with Asparagus Flan

Goccia di Gelato di Lamponi

e Vin Brulé in Gelo su Succo di Ribes

Raspberry Ice Cream Tear

and Frozen Mulled Wine on Redcurrant Juice

Via Passignano 33

Loc. Badia a Passignano 50028

Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (FI)

Tel./Fax +39 055 8071278

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