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Jin Kichi, London


We just got back from Jin Kichi in Hampstead.

Tosaka, ogonori and wakame seaweed, in dainty piles, garnished with two thin slices of lemon.

The clean, simple tasting dressing? White sesame seeds, ground to a paste, combined with rice vinegar, light soy sauce, salt, sugar, a little mirin, a bit of white miso and all important dashi.

Grilled skewers of ox tongue. Chewy, bouncy, succulently fat squares of beefy tongue, with edges charred just enough to give a crisp edge before biting into rich unctuousness. Food porn eat your heart out.

Fat, melting slabs of fatty toro (tuna).

Chewy, 'al dente' buckwheat soba noodles, served on a bamboo mat and eaten after being dunked in a savoury dashi and mirin based sauce, spiked with wasabi, spring onion and grated daikon radish.

The owner hails from Hokkaido. All the staff were lovely.

73 Heath Street

London NW3 6UG

Tel: 020 7794 6158

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