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Quail egg, tomato miso soup

Waking up slightly hungover on a Saturday the first thing I crave is salt and umami. This soup delivers the perfect blend of savoury flavour, liquid rehydration and protein pick me up.


Serves one.




1 or 2 quail eggs

1 small, plump tomato, roughly chopped

5 shiso leaves

2 tsp dried wakame

1 tbsp miso soup paste


What to do


Bring a kettle or small saucepan of water to boil. Meanwhile combine the tomato, shiso leaves and miso soup paste in a bowl. Add a little of the water that is heating up and stir to loosen the miso. Add the seaweed and carefully break in the egg. When the water comes to the boil gently pour it into the bowl, over the egg, it should scramble and cook on contact with hot liquid. Gently stir the soup to combine all the ingredients. If you like raw eggs, as I do, pop in another quail egg - the white will set a little and the yolk will be a lovely, runny mouthful.


Eat as soon as the wakame has rehydrated and the soup is cool enough to sip.


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